market analysis, product overviews and detailed target group definitions to lead the  product development process into the right direction.

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doodles and brainstorming methods to define the main directions. this leads the customer to the best result. functional problems and aesthetic expectations will be clarified during this phase.

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cad modelling

from detailed freehand sketches up to final digital paintings, to show the initial idea and to communicate the final product before production. this phase is in a correlation to the cad modelling process to try ideas and rethink issues.

modelling with current standards. focused on proportions, surfaces and details. analysing surface behaviour to reach production quality.

cad is a prompt exchange and communication tool between design and engineering..


high quality, photo realistic pictures for presentation, documentation, marketing and advertisement. the final style and mood will be defined after the customers wishes. It can range from an artistic to a realistic impression.


final artworks, documentations and closed 3D-models in different file formats, that are ready for prototyping or manufacturing are part of the final presentation.

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