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VW Taigun Concept Car -

Interior Design Participation


The Volkswagen Taigun is a concept for a mini SUV, based on the A00 platform (VW up!). It was unveiled during the Sao Paolo Motor Show in October 2012.

The approach was to create a rugged look, that communicates the overall domain and the target group of the car. The fun aspect was the main topic, realised with functional applications like the bottle holder in the middle of the lower dashboard, highlighted with a contrasty colour. All different functional elements like the dashboard, the middle console or the armrest have the look of an attached item.

I was involved in the process of the interior design, beginning from sketches to digital modelling up to supervising the CAD-Class-A-Surfacing process and reviewing the interim results with the design managers. Several initial ideas reached the production model.

The Project was published in the "interiormotives" print magazine - issue Winter 2012/13



Left: some early sketches, showing the initial idea of the rugged look and the clamps to "attach" the dashboard.

Below: a more complex shaped

door panel than the final design

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